Woman Returns From Store To Find Dog’s Tongue Is Completely Blue

Rhonda Meeks pulled up to the grocery store one day and ran inside to grab a water bottle. She left her dog, Lily, in the car right out front with the air conditioning on. She was gone maybe two minutes and then climbed back into the car, expecting everything to be as she left it.

Instead, Lily’s tongue was suddenly blue.

Meeks immediately burst out laughing, while Lily tried to play it cool. She acted as if nothing had changed, which made the whole thing even funnier.

“When I got in the car, she didn’t look at me at first,” Meeks told The Dodo. “She just looked out the window.”

dog tongue blue

Luckily, the mystery of the blue tongue wasn’t a hard one to solve. Meeks had left a blue Icee in the cup holder, and apparently, Lily had decided it would be perfectly OK to help herself. After all, sharing is caring. The sugar in the Icee was not toxic for dogs, however too much sugar or sweetener can cause health problems, so it’s best to avoid.

Meeks genuinely didn’t think that Lily would have any interest in the Icee. Instead, the pup’s biggest weakness got in the way.

dog blue tongue

“She absolutely loves loves loves ice,” Meeks said. “Any time any of us goes to the refrigerator, she jumps up and runs to it.”

It seemed that a blue Icee was close enough to regular ice for Lily’s taste, so she dove right in, and sadly, she was unable to hide the evidence. Luckily, Meeks wasn’t mad. The whole thing was too adorable and hilarious. Lily got a tasty snack, and Meeks had a good laugh. In the end, everybody won.