Woman Accidentally Orders A Tiny Bed For Her Big Dog, But He’s A Good Boy And Loves It Anyway

Sometimes we love an item deeply, not because of the thing itself, but because of who gave it to us.

The love behind the gift becomes more important than the physical item.

Just ask Kenny, the lovable golden retriever who received an objectively flawed gift but tried his hardest to show his mom that he truly appreciated the sentiment.

Kenny‘s mom wanted to treat her sweet furbaby to a brand-new dog bed but, unfortunately, she accidentally ordered the bed in the wrong size.

When the bed showed up, they discovered that the bed looked more suited to be a pillow than a bed, but Kenny was determined to show his appreciation and dutifully posed with his new bed.

Kenny’s human sister documented his kind gesture on Twitter, and everyone is very proud of this good boy.

Kenny clearly knows that it’s the thought that counts.

Dogs are simply the best.

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