Wild-Child Chihuahua Learns About The Magic Of Belly Rubs

The feral doggo was very gentle and calm while rubbing her belly.

Michelle adored animals and always helped them when she found someone in need. Recently she rescued a wild-child Chihuahua dog Lucille who was afraid of human interaction.

The doggo was not an aggressive-natured dog but she used to bark at Michelle every time she tried to come closer to her. However, Michele was not the one who would give up so easily. She began her step-by-step relationship with Lucille no matter how hard it would seem.

One day, when Michelle hugged her, she flipped over as she tried to get out of her mom’s arms. At that time Michele gave her some belly rubs and Lucille suddenly froze. Michelle understood that the doggo liked it and continued rubbing her belly. Soon the feral doggo became a very calm and cute puppy. Lucille enjoyed her time spent with her foster mom and patiently waited for her new owners and forever home.

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