When A Cat Is Thrown From A Moving Vehicle He Can’t Stop Kissing His New Mother

This lovely ginger kitten was overjoyed when he met his new mom and lavished her with hugs and kisses.

Honeycake the cat is here!

Honeycake got off to a rocky start in life. He’d been thrown from a moving automobile in a trash bag and survived.

I’m shocked as to how somebody could be so cruel. Fortunately, he was discovered by a kind stranger who took him to a local shelter.

However, Honeycake sat at the shelter waiting for somebody to adopt him, but nobody put in an application for him and unfortunately the shelter didn’t have a no-kill policy.

This meant the shelter had a deadline for the ginger kitty that had already gone through so much.

When Michigan Cat Rescue, which has a no-kill policy, heard of his plight, they stepped in and came to his rescue.

Honeycake got a second chance at life. And it wasn’t too long before that special person came along and wanted to adopt him into his forever home.

Renee knew as soon as she spotted a Honeycake that he was the cat for her.

When he found out he was being adopted, this patient kitten couldn’t stop cuddling and caressing his new mom.

Renee nicknamed him Finnegan, and the two became fast friends. She stated that he will immediately be showered with hugs and kisses.

Finnegan is currently living the life of his dreams in his forever home.