We rescued a puppy that had been hit by a car and was crying for help

“We was driving on the road when I saw a dog hit by a car and cried for help

Without thinking twice, we ran to the puppy’s aid. It was whimpering and crying, and we knew we had to get it help as soon as possible. We carefully picked up the puppy and wrapped it in a blanket, trying to keep it as still as possible.

We rushed the puppy to the nearest animal hospital, where it was immediately seen by a veterinarian. The puppy had a broken leg and was in shock. We were told that it would need surgery and would need to stay at the hospital for several days.

We left the puppy at the hospital, knowing that it was in good hands. We visited the puppy every day, bringing it treats and toys to keep it company. It was heartwarming to see the puppy’s spirits lift as it slowly started to recover.

After several days of care, the puppy was ready to leave the hospital. We knew that it needed a loving home where it could continue to recover, so we decided to take it home with us. We named the puppy Lucky, and it quickly became a part of our family.

Over the next few weeks, Lucky made a full recovery. It was a joy to see him running around and playing like any other puppy. We knew that we had made the right decision in rescuing him that day. Lucky brought so much love and happiness into our lives, and we were grateful for every moment we spent with him.”