Ukrainian Dog Tasked With Sniffing Out Russian Mines Hailed A ‘Hero’

The internet is going crazy over a cute little dog whose job it is to sniff out and locate any Russian mines.

Patron, the Ukrainian military dog, who looks to be a Jack Russell Terrier, can be seen wearing a little Ukrainian military vest starting at a Russian mine it had found.

Apparently, dogs have been used to accurately sniff out mines ever since the second world war.

They work by sniffing out the smell of chemicals and explosives that usually leak from the mines.

Certain dog breeds are skilled at honing in on certain smells and distinguishing them from background smells, making them perfect for this job.

Dogs are around 40 times better at smelling than humans due to their olfactory center, the part of the brain in charge of smell, being 40 times bigger.

“There’s no substitute for the detection of a dog. There’s no machine built yet that can reciprocate what a dog can do,” William Cronin, director for the American K-9 said.

“When you go into your grandmother’s kitchen, you smell stew. The dog goes in your grandmother’s kitchen, he smells carrots, pepper, tomatoes, and lettuce.”

There are over 750 dogs working in human demining programs in around 23 countries.

Other than this job, Patron is like any regular dog, he is two years old and likes cheese.

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