This Cat Ran Away From The Stray Dogs, The Kitten Jumped On My Feet For Help! –


After a lot of rain, today turned out to be a very nice clear day. On such a day, I immediately wanted to go for a walk and buy myself something delicious for dinner. Ideally, I wanted something unusual, so I went straight to where they sell sushi and rolls. It was more than a kilometer to walk to this store, but in good weather, it was possible to walk.

My eyes in the store ran in different directions, as the range was huge. Moreover, I went there on an empty stomach, and because of this, I wanted to eat. But after ten minutes, my bags were already full of various yummy things, and I went home. I walked slowly and thought about something incomprehensible.

And then, from around the corner of the house, a kitten ran out to meet me and jumped to my feet. And then I saw two dogs chasing a kitten. I called loudly and the dogs ran around the corner.

The kitten tightly grabbed my pants and did not want to leave. I put the bag down and took the kitten off my leg, I looked into his eyes, and the kitten was looking at me.

His eyes were large and fearful. He screamed non-stop so that I was scared myself. I decided to calm him down and pressed him to me. The kitten was trembling, and I covered him with a jacket. After a moment, the baby calmed down, and it even seemed to me that he had begun to sleep. I took the package and went further towards the house.

My hand did not rise to leave him on the street, so the two of us went to my house. It was so small that it fits in my palm. I lay down on the couch with him and fell asleep. But what about sushi, you ask, but I just forgot about them.

But when we woke up, we had a hearty dinner with Natasha. In general, I rent an apartment, and the owner did not recommend I have animals. But when she heard the story about this kitten and saw how cute he was, she allowed me to keep him. Now I live together with Natasha and enjoy life.


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