This Abandoned Dog comes Back Every Night For Her Free Meal At The Sandwich Shop

Don’t understand why they would just feed this furbaby and let it out there all alone and not find it a loving home.🙏😢

Po.or fur baby please someone help it and give it a loving caring forever home that it deserves Bless it 🙏🙏😢❤️💕

A video went viral where a New Mexico Metro worker was feeding a stray pet. Pet dog’s name is Sally and has four litters of puppies. Sally’s life is so difficult, still surviving on the streets.

She’s currently a routine and would come back every evening for a free meal.

So happy that someone is feeding the poor pooch.💗

Too ba.d that someone can’t get her & just take her home and give her lots of love and food; and a forever home…!! That surely would be so good! 🙂

Poor baby, We want to thank the people who gave this precious dog a sandwich, And pray someone will love it and take it home.💓🐕

Watch the video below:


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