They Were Found Abandoned In An Empty Cardboard Box.

Just five more babies couldn’t hurt, right? 😂they were found abandoned in an empty cardboard box. The finder couldn’t get them any kmr for a few hours at least. They were given to me and thankfully they are all fed and happy for the night. Still have cords attached, they are about 3-4 days old. @teenytinyfosters said.


Introducing the Coffee kittens! We have Espresso, Mocha, Latte, Macchiato, and Cappuccino.


This is Mocha! She is the first to start opening her eyes 🙂

Espresso has one eye open, one half open at the moment!

Cappuccino is the smallest of the litter! He weighed 117g when I got him, he’s gaining slowly but surely!

The Coffee Kittens have eyes now! They’ve been dealing with severe constipation, and now severe diarrhea

Latte, posing for pics 🙂

RIP Macchiato 🙁 Tuesday night I noticed what appeared to be an infection on his anus, he was otherwise active so I took him to the vet in the morning. When I arrived the puss had already drained and he appeared totally normal to the vet. She gave me probiotics for their constipation. They all started to get severe diarrhea the next day. Thursday night, I went to feed them 2 hours after their last meal and immediately noticed Macchiato crashing. He was cold but still alive. I wrapped him up and gave him Karo syrup. And contacted the rescue for sub-q and antibiotics but he passed on the drive. The others were given fluids and antibiotics, and eating much more. They had some blood in their stool last night that was hopefully due to irritation from diarrhea. Wish them all luck for the next few days! @teenytinyfosters

Little Cappuccino is hanging in there! The kittens are becoming more active and aware of their surroundings. Espresso is kind of a meanie, he tends to attack another sibling if he finds out he’s not first to be fed 😂 @teenytinyfosters said


Little Cappuccino has been getting sucked on by his brother so he got a sock! He’s the smallest weighing only 196g. @teenytinyfosters said

Mocha loves kisses 💋:) the #CoffeeKittens have upgraded into a playpen and are starting to use litter boxes!

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