The Wonderful Golden Retriever Who Celebrated Her 20th Birthday Has Become The Oldest Golden Retriever In The World

There is a Golden Retriever named August, who lives with his beloved owners Steve and Jennifer Hetterscheidt in Oakland, Tennessee. The cute doggy was adopted six years ago from The GoldHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue, which is a nonprofit rescue organization located in Chester, Maryland that specializes exceptionally in golden retriever dogs.

This wonderful organization has been doing its good activity for dogs since 1999. August, who is also called Auggie affectionately had been living in this shelter before she was adopted by the Hetterscheidt family. Recently, the cutie pie hit a monumental milestone when she celebrated her 20th Birthday party.

You may wonder what makes this birthday so unique and special and the answer is that it makes Auggie the oldest Golden Retriever Doggy in the world!

Auggie’s beloved owners did their best to make the cutie’s day even more special with a huge banner printed out and an extremely delicious cake.

This special day was also highlighted by the rescue organization as well on their social media pages!

Jennifer tells that she is surprisingly quite healthy for being 20 years old.

“She has minimal problems moving around, with a little bit of shaking when first getting up, and enjoys daily walks in the yard.”

Jennifer also told that Auggie the cutie pie eats a mixture of wet and dry food and takes some supplements to help subdue some kidney problems with which she was diagnosed some time after being adopted at the age of 14.

Many happy returns cutie, you truly deserve all the wonderful celebrations.

Auggie’s fans flocked to GoldHeart’s social network page and congratulated the cutie on her birthday.

Currently, Auggie the doggy’s Birthday Post received more than 13 thousand comments and has been shared more than 28 thousand times!

Golden Retrievers mainly live 11 years in average and Auggie’s owners decided to give some advice for helping the dog owners provide the longest, happiest and best doggy life for their beloved pets:

1. Listen to your veterinarian, as they will know your dog and will be able to give the best recommendations and plan actions to keep them healthy.

2.Listen to your dog. They communicate even without communicating—if you see them react negatively to food or certain activities, then change it up.

3.Feed your dog a quality dog food, as better food will ensure better health, a better mood for your dog, and you’ll avoid most of the vet bills that you’ll be otherwise saving for with poorer quality chow.

4.Groom your golden retriever regularly, as it will keep them looking their best and keep them healthy as it prevents things like ear infections, gum and teeth or even skin issues.

5.Lastly, exercise your golden retriever regularly to keep their heart and muscle strong.

That’s great advice.

Thank you the caring family of the Hetterscheidt.

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