The faithful dog wept bitterly and felt hopeless when his owner rejected a dog like him

This loyal hound attempted to crawl here, wounded and suffering from multiple injuries. One of the neighbors discovered him and informed his owner, but that neighbor said he didn’t want a disabled dog. Despite that, the neighbor fed the dog and contacted me, waiting for the owner to come and take him. The dog cried profusely, longing only to return home. I contacted his owner again. He needs surgery to correct his hip, as well as low hematocrit and red blood cell count. He was in a precarious state, needing an experienced doctor to assist him. We were fearful when we saw numerous ticks in his ear, which caused his blood infection. Poor Groome was still deeply upset and missing his owner. I licked my hand to alleviate the longing for the past. Dogs never ask, but their needs are quite simple as long as their owner is by their side. It was enough that Groome hadn’t undergone surgery due to his poor health condition. His owner took care of him in a bad state, and finally, after seven days, the surgery was performed. His hip was successfully repaired, but it required meticulous precision. The doctor said he needed 24-hour monitoring, as any mistake would render him disabled. It was an extremely exhausting time for both of us. There was sensitivity, but he couldn’t attain it again. He tried, but he couldn’t, then he looked at me. It seemed like he wanted to ask me what had happened to him, but he didn’t give up easily. He tried to eat more, and we feared that the miracle wouldn’t come to him. With the help of an experienced rehabilitation specialist, we assisted him during the initial days when he couldn’t even take a step. Can you believe it? After just five days, he became like a little child. Tears of joy were shed when we saw him like that, but his leg wouldn’t fully recover as it was before. He had to limp for the rest of his life, but for us, it was better than expected because he happily ran to show off his progress. Finally, happiness smiled upon this boy after two months. We left the hospital and returned home, hoping that the previous owner will be forgotten. He deserves a better life after all he has been through. He tried to crawl back home to meet his owner, but all he received was rejection when his dog needed help. A dog shed tears because his owner rejected a great dog. Groome now lives with us in joy and happiness. I know he won’t be able to forget the past because it’s already a part of his heart, but he has put it aside and is enjoying the present moment because I am the one who loves him wholeheartedly