The abandoned cat in an apartment is so happy that it was found and his dream came true

According to the rescue center:

“The renters were in a rush to go and left it behind with the trash. A stranger gave him dry food and contacted us for assistance.”

Narnia, the six-year-old feline, was too shy and would back up and hide if someone approached him.

The rescue center officials anticipated that Narnia would require a skilled carer, so they began searching for a suitable foster family.

On Facebook, staff wrote:

“He’s a lovely cat, and we want him to become the king he was born to be.

They carried Narnia to the new foster home after seeing the vet, but he was still quite anxious and refused to leave the baby carrier.

In addition, he began to feel comfortable after receiving the care and affection he need from his adoptive mother. Narnia chose to join his adoptive mother one day and lie on her bed to sleep peacefully close to her.

Following that, he trusted his carer even more and sat on the couch during the day, napped and relaxed wherever he pleased.

The rescue center stated:

“Narnia has come a long way in the months he has been with his adoptive mother. He went from being a shy, scared guy to a confident kid, who can finally relax.”

A family was aware of his background and was so taken with the lovely kitty that they did not hesitate to say they were prepared to devote the time required to gain his confidence.

They are aware that it is a full-time job, but they want to make him feel like a true king; after all, he deserves it.

Narnia now walks with his head and tail held high, knowing he is part of a loving family that will care for him forever.