Tampa Police Rescue Kittens ‘Elon and Tessie’ Trapped in a Tesla Car for Days

Two kittens trapped in a Tesla for days earned the names Elon and Tessie. In mid-July in Tampa, the car’s owner went away for a weekend, returning home to hear “tiny mews coming from his car,” says local rescuer Jen Tate.

“When the car’s owner heard the tiny mews coming from his car, he called the Tampa Police to ask for some help, and they came right out and worked for nearly an hour to get them free,’ Tate explained on Instagram.

While this was happening, someone had already contacted Tate about the situation. She was prepared to take the kittens into foster care thanks to people who had recently adopted kittens.

“I was already aware of the situation as we had received a contact form about them. And I had luckily just freed up one of my foster spaces with some adoptions! (See how adoptions help?? 😉) ” she said.