Sweet Labrador Takes Care Of A Stray Kitten And Raises It Into A Beautiful Cat

What a beautiful story of 2 very close friends. A dog with a big heart ❤️

Paxton, a 12-year-old Labrador retriever, one day, Paxton and his family heard a sad cry coming from somewhere on the farm.

Paxton pet-mom, Morgan, heard the cry of a small kitten, and with the help of one of her cats, she was able to find it.

The kitten was in a tree stump, crying for help. Her cat mother never returned after hours of waiting, so Morgan took her inside and set her up in a warm bed, and her fur and skin were infested with fleas.

We named her Polly, and started bottle-feeding her around the clock.


Pax felt a deep affection for Polly and an intense need to keep her safe and sound.

For weeks, Polly appeared to be blind, as she wouldn’t follow a light or a finger with her eyes.

During this period, Paxton would gently lick Polly’s half-opened eyes and snuggle next to his new friend.

Once Polly’s sight developed, she began following Paxton all over. If they are separated. And if Polly is out and Paxton is inside, he lays by the door waiting for her return.

I think he sees her as a dog, as a little sister.

As the kitten grew bigger, their bond only became stronger.

The loving senior dog shares his bed with the kitten and lets her play with all his toys.

Like a good father, Pax taught her everything he knew, which has resulted in Polly knowing how to “bark”.🤣

Polly and Pax are completely inseparable, and they even have a shared Instagram in which they document their beautiful bond.

Now, Polly is all grown up, and though she’s not a needy little kitten anymore, she and Pax are still as tight as ever.

Their love for each other is pure and deep, and they are both incredibly lucky to have found each other.

They make us laugh and smile, it’s heartwarming. They truly love one another.

This Labrador is truly sweet, caring and loving as she is to this little kitten nurturing to a beautiful cat.

God bless you amazing creatures. 💖🙏

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