Stray Dog Found In The Snow Left In A Ditch On The Side Of The Road And She Can’t Move

She was hurt and couldn’t move… A poor stray puppy was paralyzed after getting hit by a vehicle in the snow in Alberta, Canada. The puppy, whose pelvis was broken, stayed for quite 12 hours in freezing temperatures without moving.

Happily, the pup, that didn’t have much hope to be rescued, was seen by some teenagers who notified AB Task Force, who contacted (AARCS), Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, for help.

AARCS wrote on the Internet that her body was covered with snow because her calories were too low! Thankfully, the pup, that was named Nutmeg, is now in good hands and she or he is proud of that.

She was placed during a crate rest for a few month and a half, to get over her broken pelvis. She is going to be available for adoption since she is recovered.

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