Stray Cat ‘Asks’ Woman to Let Her Inside so She Can Have Her Babies! –


Artist Ida Floreak has been living in New Orleans for about 10 years and she now feels that this is home for her and her cat. One day a stray cat appeared in her garden, she thinks that the cat was probably invited in by her own Siamese kitty, Bruce.

This little black kitty started appearing more regularly, so Ida decided to name her Salami.

“My cat Bruce is a 7-year-old Siamese, and about twice her size. He’s big and very rude but I love him. Salami does too — he’s the reason she started coming by,” Ida told Bored Panda.

“I would let him outside for a little while and they would hang out in the backyard together. When he would come back in, the stray cat started to follow him.

Now they hang out all day, nap together, and groom each other. It’s very sweet.”

The two kitties would hang out together in the garden, Salami was very comfortable with Bruce, but she was very skittish whenever Ida came close and would run away.

She hoped to catch Salami so she could take her to the vet to be fixed, she before she managed to do that, she realised that the little black kitty was already pregnant.

Then one day Salami started meowing outside the front door at around 5 am. Ida had already been feeding her, but she had never been so insistent and never so early in the morning.

Ida realised that Salami was probably about to give birth and knew the safest place to have her babies would be inside the house.

So, she let her in and set up a safe place with plenty of blankets, two hours later Salami gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens.

It was a wondrous site for Ida as she had never seen a cat give birth before – thankfully Salami knew exactly what to do!

Salami now has a forever home with Bruce and Ida and the kittens have been adopted into loving families.




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