Simba And Nala, The Rare White Lions That Have Been Born Far From The Destructive Hand Of Man

Some species continue to exist on this planet despite horrible climatic changes and the desire of man who is willing to compromise with the lives of animals. The news of the birth of two rare, nearly extinct lions has thus brought us great delight.

It concerns the young Simba and Nala, two characters whose names are now well-known to us because to Disney’s reminder of the enchanted childhood adventure “The Lion King.” In actuality, seeing these young ones confirms that we are up against the monarchs of the forest.

The cats were just introduced to the world through a publication published by the “Caresse de tiger” organisation. They were born at the end of July in a sanctuary in France.

On the banks of the Seine, this location boasts a more than 3,000 hectare enchanted environment where a charity takes care of zoological gardens and wild animals rescued from circuses.

Twelve large cats are currently housed in the Sanctuary, but Simba and Nala have rapidly emerged as the favorite residents.

The Sanctuary’s directors are currently housing the infants, who even sleep in their home and get along great with their puppies.

The white lion is a rare and imperiled animal. In reality, the little ones were officially extinct for at least 12 years before being reintroduced into the wild in 2004 in southern Africa’s Timbavati and Kruger National Parks owing to a special genetic mutation.

In this unique situation, when certain species are in risk of being extinct from our planet, the news makes us feel sad.

Together, Nala and Simba are having a great time growing up. But since the male will be transferred to another sanctuary in France and Nala will reside in a Sanctuary in the United Kingdom, their futures will diverge.

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