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Passers-by picked up four stray kittens on the street, who were in desperate need of care and warmth. One of the crumbs was very weak and slow – she was noticed just in time. Kind people picked up four abandoned kittens in a corner of Las Vegas, USA.

Their mother was not around, and the kittens needed care, so passers-by immediately took them to the local Rescued Treasure shelter. The tiny cat, Powley, was noticeably smaller, weaker, and slower than her brothers, and also, she did not have half of her hind leg.

She was immediately given for overexposure by an experienced volunteer named Patrick so that the woman would restore the baby as soon as possible. Powley was emaciated – at the age of 6 weeks, she weighed only 450 grams. She had a very low level of hemoglobin in her blood and an upper respiratory tract infection.

Veterinarians put her on antibiotics and a round-the-clock intensive care protocol. At some point, it seemed to the guardian Powley that the cat was so weak that it was already too late. But this brave little one turned out to be a staunch fighter. She patiently endured all the procedures, and slowly went on the mend.

After a couple of weeks of treatment, Powley was no longer recognizable. The kitty became livelier, more active, and more playful – she began to explore everything around, play more, and purr loudly on her guardian’s lap. This affectionate baby greets Patrick every morning when she wakes up and does not leave her all day.

Even though Paul has three legs, she grows like a normal kitten. Now Powley is actively growing up and has already forgotten what she once had to endure. This baby is full of energy and love and is very grateful to her guardian for saving her.

When Powley is old enough, they will start looking for permanent owners for her. We wish this special baby to find the best family that will love her with all her heart!

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