Roscoe Was A Lost Dog Who Was Rescued By A Shelter And Who Seemed To Be Sad, But In The End He Smiles When Dad Finds Him

Puppies may exhibit extreme restraint and shyness, only displaying their confidence among their loved ones. The staff and volunteers at the Washington County-Johnson City Animal Shelter worked tirelessly for more than six months to help a dog by the name of Roscoe reveal his true self.

The brown and white dog never grinned, never wagged his tail, and never let down his guard, no matter how many goodies or pets were offered to him.

The shelter’s director, Tammy Davis, stated to The Dodo:

He was really bashful and reserved the entire time he was here. He appeared to lack personality. He didn’t behave like a dog,

Roscoe relied on the food that kind-hearted neighbors gave him for several years to survive on the chilly streets. Fortunately, someone called to report a stray dog wandering the area, and Roscoe ended up at the shelter.

Roscoe was quite indifferent and tended to isolate himself from others; he appeared to be well-prepared.

Says Tammy

“It was as if he didn’t exist; he didn’t want us to touch him or soothe him. Whatever we did, there was no joy or enthusiasm.”

The workers at the shelter made every effort to win Roscoe’s confidence, but nothing seemed to work, so they gave up. His life was transformed irrevocably when the staff decided it was time to put it on his Facebook profile.

Tammy stated:


“We were simply trying to work with him and help him feel more at ease since we all cared about him. We utilize social networks because of COVID and wonder, “What the hell?” We will post it and be honest, despite the fact that he is not the friendliest dog and it would be challenging for someone to adopt him.

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