Rescuing a dog, her heart shattered, she hurriedly approached me and revealed the presence of a tumor.

This pup was trembling and pleading at a marketplace When she saw me, she hurried over to seek help She reached out her hand to touch me, ‘don’t leave me, please’ For everyone was afraid of her and that’s what made them, so I only had a little food to get to know her She didn’t resist as she got into the car There was only a hint of concern on her face at that moment She didn’t resist as she got into the car The journey to the vet would take a while I hope she isn’t afraid of confined spaces While drinking water, she looked at us worriedly She didn’t know where we were taking her After many hours of driving, we arrived Everything here was strange for a mixed-breed dog like her Her name is Shadi, she’s 5 years old and weighs 30kg She wasn’t a purebred Alabai Someone clearly did it on purpose Meanwhile, we gave her a bath She looked different with beautiful white fur She was simply anemic and exhausted The surgeon examined her leg and ran a test He said there was nothing wrong with her legs Because they bred the wrong breed, a genetic mistake That’s when I realized she wasn’t abandoned Because her behavior showed she had been trained Perhaps the owner didn’t want an imperfect dog And left her at that marketplace She missed her owner so much, her eyes were so sorrowful She received a blood transfusion and was treated for 5 days Then we brought her back home to live with us She was eager to meet her new friend But that girl didn’t like Shadi’s appearance Having to share food and sleep is not easy And Shadi always approached timidly She was upset when her new friend didn’t play with her How could anyone give up on a dog like her We chose the day she returned home as her birthday For the first time in her life, she was so happy And their friendship grows stronger every day Nobody can refuse a great friend Everything happens to us like a dream And that’s what motivates us to keep working Please love and take care of the dogs by your side Because their love for you is greater than you think Unconditional and pure love They always welcome you home with a smile And all the troubles fade away from there Our ultimate goal is happiness, not money”