Rescued Thin Dog Was Abandoned For Days By The Owner And Ended Too Sweet

This is the story of Kayros, who lives in Madrid, Spain, and was abandoned by his owner.

He was unfortunate to suffer from extreme pain due to the abandonment by his owner. The dog was sick and malnourished. He had scabies and couldn’t even stand up to walk.

One day, a kind-hearted man noticed him and rescued him from hell. He took Kayros immediately to the hospital for treatment. The staff told him that he arrived at the right time because his condition was hard.

After a month of treatment, he feels better and healthier than before. Now, he is playful and walks with his owner easily.

Kayros is thankful to the doctors who treated him. In addition, he is also grateful to his owner, who saved his life and rescued him. He had a kind heart and helped the dog selflessly.

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