Rescue The Cat That Fell Asleep In The Printer! –


This beautiful story took place in Alameda County (California) a black kitten came into the sheriff’s office from the street a week ago. He walked around the building for a while, and then climbed into the sergeant’s office and decided to take a nap there, comfortably sitting on the printer.

When the office staff saw the baby sleeping sweetly, their hearts trembled, and they allowed him to stay. According to employees, it turned out that the kitten had previously entered several other buildings on the same street, but he liked the sheriff’s office the most. It is assumed that the kitten may have been attracted to the room where the K-9 service dogs are located, it may have smelled of food from there.

But the kitten missed the doors a little and ended up in the office space. The kitten felt completely comfortable surrounded by people and they did not interfere with him either walking around the office or sleeping. The kitten brought only temporary inconvenience to the employees themselves because the printer was unavailable during his sleep.

Then the kitten liked to sit on the table next to the computer. He charmed the entire office, especially the deputy sheriff. She took the kitten to the veterinary clinic and examined it there. When they said that he was completely healthy, the woman decided to take him to her home. Now the kitten lives in her family and they have chosen a name for him.



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