Rescue of a Dog with an Embedded Collar that Lived in a Sewer – Takis Shelter

“Rescue of a dog with an embedded collar that lived in a sewer – Takis Shelter

In 2018, Takis Shelter, an animal welfare organization based in Crete, Greece, received reports of two dogs in desperate need of help. One of the dogs was pregnant, and the other had an embedded collar around its neck. Takis Shelter immediately mobilized a team to rescue the dogs, and what they found was a harrowing sight.

The embedded collar had caused a massive wound on the dog’s neck, which had become severely infected. The dog had taken refuge in a sewer, where it was barely visible amidst the filth and debris. The rescuers had to navigate through the cramped and dirty environment, making it a difficult and dangerous task.

The team approached the dog with caution, as the dog was understandably frightened and in pain. Takis, the founder of the shelter, used leather gloves to protect himself from the dog’s bite, but also used his bare hands to touch and calm the dog. Despite the challenging conditions, the team managed to rescue both dogs and take them to the shelter for medical attention.

At the shelter, the veterinary team assessed the dog’s condition, and it was determined that the wound was so severe that surgery was needed. After a successful operation, the dog began its long road to recovery. It received constant care and medical attention from the shelter’s volunteers and veterinarians. The shelter also sought the help of donors and supporters to fund the dog’s treatment.

Over time, the dog showed significant improvement in its condition. It gained weight, and its wound had healed entirely, leaving behind only a scar. Its behaviour had also changed for the better, becoming more trusting and friendly towards humans. Eventually, the dog was put up for adoption and found a loving forever home.

Takis Shelter’s work is a testament to the difference that animal welfare organizations can make in the lives of animals. They have rescued and rehabilitated countless animals, giving them a chance at a better life. However, their work is not possible without the support of volunteers and donors. Anyone can make a difference by supporting animal shelters and rescue efforts.”