Rescue Dog Becomes New Mom To Homeless Kittens

Two homeless kittens were taken in by a rescue dog who has become the mother they never had.

A rescue dog took in two abandoned kittens and became the mother they never had.

Ms. Jackson is a rescue dog with a big heart, particularly for foster kittens.

She was adopted by a kitten-fostering household.

When they returned from the shelter with a pair of homeless kittens, her motherly instinct kicked in and she began washing and caring for them like a mother would.

The kittens fell madly in love and began nursing on their surrogate mother.

“She let them attempt to breastfeed this morning…

“It was too much,” jeckhrdt commented on imgur.

Ms. Jackson’s new foster kittens have become her kids!

She is fiercely protective of them and constantly keeps them close to her.

She is also a very patient mother dog.

“I was given another change. These sad cats, too, need a second chance.”

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