Providing Homeless Dogs with a Comfortable Place to Sleep: A Furniture Store Owner’s Compassionate Initiative

Dr. Cem Baykal, an Istanbul resident, passes a furniture store every day on his way to work and observes two stray dogs sitting in front of it. The dogs are always together, and with each other’s support, they seem to have developed a strong bond over the years. The furniture store, Istikbal Mobile, specializes in selling home goods such as beds, couches, mattresses, sheets, and curtains. However, the store’s proprietor has gone above and beyond to make life better for the local stray animals he’s developed a soft spot for.

Despite the numerous needs of homeless animals, the store’s owner decided to provide a more comfortable resting place for the dogs to sleep and relax. As Cem Baykal stated to The Dodo, “This store’s owner places a mattress with a plastic cover in front of the establishment.” The two dogs often sleep on the mattress provided on the pavement, and the store owner is always ready to assist them in any way he can. The dogs appear to be very grateful for his kindness.

During the winter months, the store provides the dogs with a bed every day, and in the summer, they offer shade and water. Thanks to the owner’s generosity, the two pups no longer have to spend their nights on the pavement in the harsh winter weather. The dogs are well-known in the neighborhood and receive food from residents, but the store owner goes above and beyond to ensure they have a safe haven to rest in peace at night.

According to Cem, the affluent reputation of the area where the dogs are located means that residents provide them with food and water, but no one else seems to care about providing them with a comfortable resting place. However, this store owner does. Please share this heartwarming story with your loved ones.