Owner Took His Dog To Be Euthanized After A Big Tumor Grew On Its Belly

Clyde’s owner surrendered him to Gallatin County Animal Shelter as his growing tumor that bled and ruptured from being dragged on the ground scared him. The owner of the one-year-old Shepherd and Husky mix just hoped that his dog would be put down soon.

The dog was too young and did not want to die soon but he was somehow betrayed because of being abandoned. He just wanted the shelter staff to help him and give him another chance in life. Thankfully, he was rescued just in time by HART Cincinnati who stopped his killing.

They took him to the hospital where they saw that his shape was so bad as there was a 6-lb tumor on his belly and no one had an idea if it was cancerous. The vets also thought that the shameless owner never cared about the tumor that they believed had been growing for about six months.

They directly took Clyde for an emergency surgery as he was in extreme pain. Thankfully, they were able to remove the 6.4 lbs tumor which was just benign. Clyde, who became known with his golden heart, was finally adopted by a loving family after being healed for some months at the shelter. Now, he will never know what pain means and will live the life he deserves.

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