Officer out on tresspassing call finds himself oddly drawn to black German Shepherd dog

Fate brought Police officer Daniel Caramello and his German shepherd Ronin together. This unusual story began with a call from a business in Rancho Cordova.

A business called the police to notify them that a trespasser was on their property.

This trespasser appeared to have a dog.

What the officers would find when they investigated, however, is that the dog didn’t belong to the trespasser.

Evidently, they had found the dog a few weeks prior and believed the dog to belong to a local business.

The officers would find out that Ronin did not belong to a local business at all, however.

In fact, he didn’t belong to anybody.

Where did this German shepherd come from?

“In the process, we found out that business didn’t have anything to do with him,” Caramello said.

The business did feed Ronin leftovers from time to time, which was likely why he kept coming back.

Where were Ronin’s owners?

Ronin was taken by the officers to the local SPCA. They had hoped he might be microchipped but he wasn’t.

There was something about this mysterious German shepherd that appealed to Caramello, however.

In the short time they had been together, the police officer had grown attached to him.

“The first impression was, I was kind of astounded that nobody wanted to keep him especially with his temperament and behavior,” Caramello said. “Something just hit home with Ronin for me. I just kind of fell in love with him from the beginning.”

Cops and Shepherds tend to get along.

German shepherds are known for being loyal, courageous, and easy to train. They are often a favorite for police departments to work with.

It’s perhaps not surprising then that Caramello would develop an attachment to Ronin.

Perhaps it was that the German shepherd didn’t have a home or a family that made him feel Ronin would make an excellent addition to his family.

The officer decided to give the stray a forever home and adopted him.

“I was able and fortunate enough to put an application in and be able to adopt Ronin,” Caramello said.

Ronin gets along with his family.

Perhaps making the police officer’s decision surprising is that he has a young child at home who was afraid of dogs.

There was something about the friendly nature of Ronin that won them over, however.

“My 9-year-old, who’s been afraid of dogs since she was a young kid, first saw him, took it in pretty well actually, immediately grew to love him like the rest of our family did,” Caramello said.

Ronin also gets along well with the 2 other kids that live in the home. He’s fitting in just perfectly, as German shepherds have a habit of doing.

Anyone who has experience with German shepherds know how much they just want to fit in with their family.

There is no other breed that values being told they are a “good boy” more than them.

“I love coming home and seeing him every day. He greets me at the door” Caramello said. “He’s just a great companion.”

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