Meet This Tiny Oreo Cloud Who Will Eventually Become A Giant 85-Pound Floof

This little pup was nicknamed Oreo cloud and once you see his coat, you’ll instantly understand why.

When Sara Hamilton shared pics of her little boy on a popular Facebook group called Dogspotting Society, they immediately went viral, receiving over 22K reactions and 2.5K comments. People were drooling and melting, and they were tagging their friends to meet the irresistible furball as well.

“Our little Oreo cloud is actually named Chief!” Sara told Bored Panda. “Oreo cloud is our favorite nickname for him since he looks like an Oreo Mclurry fluff.”

And Chief isn’t just about the looks. He’s also very easy going and smart, and is on his way to becoming a therapy dog.

“We named him Chief because he will grow to be around 85 pounds and also because he is most definitely a leader, not a follower,” Sara explained. “He came to us fully potty-trained at 8 weeks and is very well-behaved, he learns quickly!” Chief’s owner said that he is also very protective, and loves to sleep by the main door every night.

“The first thing we noticed about him besides his cute spots is that he loves to cuddle and he will nap on you. He has the loudest snore out of everyone in the household.

Sara and her husband have also noticed in the short while they’ve had him that he loves baths and gets extremely jealous when he realizes someone is drawing one without inviting him.

“This sweet fluff entered our lives just a bit over one week ago. Perfect timing now that we have a lot of time to spend with him as a puppy. He came to us from Omaha, Nebraska, which is about a 1,700 mile journey to Northern California! We are a recently married couple and we felt this was a great time to add to our little family. He also has a chameleon brother,” Sara added.

Since Chief was born around lots of children, he is used to it and loves all people. “I have a background volunteering with sick kids in hospitals, so I knew that he would be the most amazing therapy dog that would help bring a little joy to those in their darkest moments.”

For now, since the couple are staying at home, they are training Chief daily to teach him proper etiquette. “He is progressing very well,” Sara said. “Once the world heals and we can resume normal life, we will be taking him to attend a series of basic dog training and therapy classes. Once he is one year old and has taken the essential classes, he can officially take his final test to be certified. Then he will be working weekly visits in children’s hospitals.”