Meet The Sea Bunnies, The Strange Sea Creatures Japan Has Fallen In Love With

When you hear the word “slug” your first reaction probably isn’t “adorable”, but after checking out these Jorunna parva sea slugs, you might feel differently.

These weirdly adorable slugs have become immensely popular on Japanese Twitter and we can see why.

The sea slugs have been compared to fluffy little bunnies, and rightly so.

They’ve got little bunny ears (that are actually sensory rhinophores that they use to find food and find mates) and their bodies are plump and soft-looking.

According to Sora News 24, Japanese divers affectionately refer to the slugs as “goma-chan” which translates to “cute little sesame”.

A fittingly cute name for such a cute creature!

We never imagined we’d feel the urge to cuddle a slug, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

These little sea bunnies are almost too cute for words, and we think it’s about time for the rest of the world to discover just how adorable they are.

Some of them are white…

…some of them are yellow…

… and all of them are just so cute and fluffy!

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