Meet The Highland Cattle Calves, The World’s Most Cuddliest Little Cows (20 Pics)

You wouldn’t typically describe a cow as cute and fuzzy, but there’s is one breed that goes against the stereotype.

The cuddly Highland cattle is best known for its distinctively long and textured ‘floofy’ hair that covers its hooves and faces just like a dog.

They are orginally from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scoland.

Their fur means they are suited to harsher conditions such as rainfall, strong winds and the cold.

They have two sets of fur, one oily layer on the outside that allows water to slide off it and a layer on the inside which covers its body and keeps it warm.

They use their horns mainly for foraging, it is used like a shovel to help them dig for buried plants, and the fur means they can do this even when there’s snow on the ground.

It really is impossible not to smile when seeing one of these adorable calves.

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