Meet Snoop, An Abandoned Dog Who Is Happy And Can’t Stop Smiling Now He Has A New Family!

It’s hard to believe someone would hea.rtlessly a.ban.don such a cute puppy!

The footage of a man dropping his dog on the curb, closing the door, and driving away despite the po.or dog begging and chasing has bro.ken many hearts!

It’s difficult to imagine how the dog feels when the car [dis.appe.ars] and he is le.ft alone and mis.era.ble in the dark!

After being rescued by the RSPCA, he was adopted by a kind man named Laurence Squire. And with the love of his new owner, he was given a new name, Snoop, and the adorable dog is now happily back despite a very traumatic experience in the past!

Many people were moved by the dog’s plight and wanted to adopt him, including rapper Snoop Dogg, but Laurence was the last to do so. He was so happy to have this lovely and sweet dog in his house!

He wanted to heal the dog’s past he.artbreak!

Snoop is a devoted companion. He is now completely satisfied and at ease with his new family. The new father always lavishes him with attention and affection. Snoop has returned to his normal, energetic, playful, and caring self.

Sincerely hope that whoever a.ban.doned him was found and [pro.secuted] to the fullest extent of the law. After all, Snoop deserves to know what it’s like to feel safe and loved.

So glad this precious boy has found the home he deserves!

Thank you to those who adopted him and wishing this guy a life of happiness 🙏❤️

He deserves everything good in life! Dog’s are so awesome & loyal. God bless them all. ♥️🥰💕🙏

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