Man Adopts Mutt Of The Streets And Realize Her Breed When She Got Older

A man heard that a homeless puppy was up for adoption and decided to visit her. When he saw her, he couldn’t resist picking her up. It was a breathtakingly beautiful dog, writes ilovemydogsomuch. No one knew exactly what kind of mix she was, but as she got bigger and bigger, her breed was revealed. The man adopted the stray dog and took her home. He named her Phoebe.

She was a wonderful animal and had a great personality, but he never knew exactly what kind of dog she was.

… until she started to grow. Growing up, Phoebe turned out to be a mix of husky and golden retriever.

The more she grew and became taller, the more visible it became. In the end, the result was as shown here.

This is another example of a Husky/Golden Retriever mix. Less fluffy than Phoebe, but still beautiful. Look at those eyes!

What a special rescue Phoebe is! Isn’t she the bomb?