Lucky Photographers Capture Wolf Like Images In The Sky

Last week, Marja-Terttu Karlsson, a resident of Pajala, Swedish Lapland, was photographing the northern lights without realizing how fortunate she was. Only when she uploaded the photographs to the internet did she recognize the familiar form that suddenly materialized in front of her:

Oh my God, that resembles a fox or a wolf or something, I thought. When I took the photographs, I had no idea what I would obtain. She reports that the experience was extraordinary. The solar wind impacting with the atmosphere causes the common occurrence of northern lights in the arctic region of the northern hemisphere. In recent years, the northern lights have become more often due to rising solar activity. Ms. Karlsson’s photograph of the heavenly creature has since gone viral. It has been shared tens of thousands of times on FB, but it has also sparked suspicion. Several individuals have contacted the photographer to inquire about the photograph’s validity. – Ms. Karlsson tells SVT that she can guarantee all skeptics that the document is authentic (Source)

Photo Credit: Marja-Terttu Karlsson Saami natives think that these lights represent their ancestors visiting them. The Salteaus Indians of eastern Canada and the Kwakiutl and Tlingit of southeast Alaska viewed the northern lights as human spirits dancing. The Inuits who lived along the lower Yukon River believed that the aurora was the dance of animal spirits, particularly deer, wolf, seals, salmon, and beluga. In Norse mythology, the lights represented the spears, armor, and helmets of the Valkyries, female warriors. On horseback, they guided the deceased soldiers to their ultimate resting place in Valhalla. In Finland, it was believed that a mythical fox was responsible for the aurora, its bushy tail spraying snow and sending sparks into the sky.

Running wolf

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