Loki The Sphynx Was Known As ‘The Grumpiest Cat’ On The Internet

There is something about a cat that just seems to warm your heart. Then again, if you are talking about Loki, it’s more like there’s something about a cat that wants to rip your heart from your chest. After all, Loki is the world’s grumpiest Sphynx cat and has a permanent scowl on his face. Don’t let the mean look fool you, however, he has a heart of gold and over 118,000 followers on Instagram that love his every move.

Some people may claim that Loki is not actually grumpy looking, he just looks like an old man. When you look into his eyes, however, you can’t help but wonder if he isn’t judging you for every bad thing you’ve ever done in your life. It is difficult not to look at those pictures and cringe a little bit on the inside. Then again, you may have a difficult time feeling too bad with such a loving smile on your face.

Unfortunately, Loki passed over the rainbow bridge in May 2018. Even though he is gone, his Instagram continues to stay active in honor of all he brought to our lives. Enjoy these pictures of the grumpiest Sphynx cat you will ever see:

It’s me again looking at you 😀

What time is it now? 😀

It’s hard to understand these people!

Don’t look at her, of course she is better than me.

What did you just say to your friend about me?!

Of course at night I put on a blanket but the white one suits me better, doesn’t it?

Hell, I Look like a granny here.

Black and white suits me the best.

I am just observing you if you leave without giving me a like here.

I always feel comfortable with my partner.

The best position to relax is this one, you can try this at home.

Last warning give me a like and share me with your best friends.:D love you all!