Little Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Enjoys Having Her Feet Tickled By Man Who Rescued Her

This is the astonishing moment a man tickles the feet of an orphaned grizzly bear cub who he has rescued and befriended

Casey Anderson who is a National Geographic TV host, naturalist, filmmaker, and founder of the Montana Grizzly Encounter introduced the grizzly named Bella.

He has been spending a lot of time with the rescued bear cub and apparently, one thing he has discovered is that she likes to have her feet tickled.

Bella was found alone in the Alaskan wilderness, she was defenseless, with no mother to protect her, she was in clear need of being rescued.

She was taken to the sanctuary that Anderson founded and so he took her in and began to take care of her.

Once she was safe in the sanctuary and had settled down, Anderson worked on building a bond with the adorable grizzly cub.

And this video above of Anderson tickling her feet is a clear sign that the bonding process seems to have gone well.

You can see Bella in the video playfully putting her mouth on Anderson’s hands and they move around, with Anderson talking to her like he was talking to a small child.

You can also see some techniques he used to get Bella to respect him, which is important for an animal like a grizzly bear.

As heart-warming as it is to see a sweet grizzly bear cub enjoying having her feet tickled, Anderson’s videos have a much deeper, more important mission.

Not only is the sanctuary providing a safe place to live for bears like Bella, but he also hopes to provide education to people to help reduce some of the fear surrounding these animals.

In another, longer video, you can see Anderson recounting his extraordinary long-term relationship with another bear cub he found over 10 years ago, Brutus.


Well done to Casey Anderson, and all the people from the Montana Grizzly Encounter, visit their website here to find out how you can contribute.

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