Little Boy Leaves Puppy In A Box At The School Door And Flees The Scene

Ilovemydogsomuch writes: ,,Kids love puppies. It takes a lot of majority and self-sacrifice for a kid to realize when he needs to let a puppy go and find her safe home. This is the exact same thing the kid did when he found a puppy. He was aware that he couldn’t take care of her. He also knew that the puppy needed to find a home.


So he did something that broke his heart. He left the puppy in a box outside the front door of a school, knocked loudly on the door and ran away before anyone could ask him any questions. The caretaker, who was cleaning inside, heard the knock and opened the door. He saw the boy run away and looked down to find the puppy in the box. But the puppy wasn’t the only thing inside. The boy had left a heartbreaking message with the puppy. As she read the note, she realized how much the boy had suffered to be separated from the dog. She knew it was for the dog’s sake.

The puppy was left with a note that said: ,,Sorry it didn’t have a home and it was cold so we were going to give it to you. Please let it find a nice home. Thank you.’’ The leaseholder was impressed with the message and took the puppy to a dog-loving teacher, who immediately decided to take him in. They named the puppy Snowflake. The teacher took Snowflake to a local rescue group, Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue, and had him vetted and vaccinated.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue found a new home for Snowflake before Christmas. He now lives with his new family and has an older sister to care for. He owes it all to this little boy who knew he had to do something to help this adorable pup.

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