Kitten Rescue Looks Like A Dirty Flea Sock… People Think It’s Just Some Kind Of Trash… –


It was a cold summer and rainy morning in 2020. Jessica saw a small, skinny cat, which, huddled up, lay on a rag and was already breathing with difficulty. The girl says that the baby looked like a dirty, wet flea sock!

And only after looking closely, she realized that there was a kitten in front of her. It was immediately clear that the animal was very ill. Natalya’s heart sank with pity for the poor thing. She could not leave the animal in trouble, took it on the handle, and immediately took it to the hospital.

In the veterinary clinic, they were immediately accepted and given first aid to the kitten. At first, it was very difficult to determine whether it was a boy or a girl because the baby was very small. Five days later, the animal felt much better, and Natasha came to take the baby for herself.

It soon became clear that it was a girl. The cat was given the nickname Lona, but the name eventually transformed into Josh. And the point here is that the baby constantly made sounds that were very reminiscent of the rumbling of pigeons and the purring of a cat at the same time.

Now Lona is a year and four months old, and she no longer resembles the “dirty flea sock” that once lay on a rag in the stairwell! This is a well-fed cat that lives happily with a new owner. True, they had to go through a lot together: the pet had lichen, which was not easy to cure, but Natasha managed. We wish them a long and happy life!


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