Kitten Found On A Wall Next To Her Little Brother Looks Like Two Different Cats

While preparing to move into their new house in Nashville, Tennessee, a family discovered two kittens on a wall. They decided to wait for the mother’s return, thinking she would be close, but after a few hours, there was no sign of the cat, and the kittens were hungry. As a result, the family contacted Nashville Cat Rescue.

They thought the felines would do better with a nursing cat because they were allegedly between 2 and 3 weeks old. Kiki, an adoptive volunteer at the rescue center, resolved to aid the children.

Olive and Pickle, her two cats, were rescued from a cat colony. Fortunately, they had recently delivered their baby and were able to help raise the two rescued little ones.

The kittens looked to be the same age as Olive and Pickle’s cats. Kiki brought them in so they could be embraced by both parents and have siblings to cuddle and play with.

One of the kittens was born with his small face split in half, with one half black with orange spots and the other covered in orange tabby stripes, giving him the appearance of two separate cats. The kitten might be a chimera cat, a kitten with DNA on one side of the body that differs from the other.

Kiki stated:

“On the technical side, I believe only a DNA test can verify that.”

The young kitten is overjoyed to be safe in Kiki’s care; she was named Apricot, and her sibling was named Pretzel. The shelter worker introduced them to Olive and Pickle gradually, but one of the cats quickly took them in when she heard the kittens whimpering.

Kiki remembers:

“Olive snatched them from my grasp, carried them to Pickle, and they began grooming them.”

Pickle was more friendly than Olive when they arrived to the foster home with Kiki, let herself to be stroked, and was the first to give birth to six adorable babies. Unfortunately, one of her kittens passed, but she was a faithful mother to her kids.

Olive would just monitor her adopted sister, and she would occasionally stroll by to see what was going on and make sure they were secure.

The cats were very friendly and expecting, according to a family who tries to support the cat colony. So they called the shelter to care for Pickle and Olive, knowing they would be safe there.

The family had a few demands, one of which was that both cats remain together, even after their ultimate adoption. They want them to stay together because they are so close.

The new kittens were welcomed by this feline family; the existing cats took them in and snuggled with them. Apricot is happiest when surrounded by purrs; he adores his adopted brothers and their two mums.

The tiny girl spends much of her time asleep; she doesn’t appear to be in pain, and despite her siblings crawling on her, she sleeps blissfully.

Apricot and his brother are growing up with their host family, and they will all be ready to find their permanent homes and begin a new and joyful chapter in their lives before long.