Incredilbe Moment Train Conducter Stops Train To Save Stray Dog

This is the moment a train conductor stops his train to save the life of a stray dog trapped on the tracks.

It is known that some drivers will speed by without a second thought, but for a train conductor in Santiago, Chile, this wasn’t an option.

The man had the option of calling for help to remove and save the dog, but instead, he stopped the train, got down on the tracks, and saved the dog himself.

Train passenger Vanesa Lira Machuca captured the brave deed on camera and afterward posted it to Facebook.

The brave man approaches the fearful dog in the video. When the dog doesn’t come when called, the man gently approaches the stray in the hopes of avoiding being bit.

Fortunately, the dog accepted the rescue, and the train driver lifted the dog to safety by grabbing him by the neck. A different railway employee took the dog and assisted in saving the canine.

“I apologize for the delay, but I couldn’t just run over the dog,” the driver said as soon as he re-boarded the train.

The man was praised by every passenger. He truly is a hero!

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