In A Muddy Ditch, A Kitten Used Its Last Strength To Cling To A Tree Branch! –


A resident of Beirut (Lebanon) was walking with her children last Sunday when she suddenly heard a cry of despair. When she started to look for where the cry was coming from.

She was shocked, from a filthy ditch and a pile of trash, with her last bit of strength, a drenched kitten clung to it.

According to staff from the Animal Welfare Association, the ditch is located near a playground on the American University campus.

The woman called the Animal Welfare Association and asked them to come and get the kitten out of the water. Officer Lana El-Khalil came to the rescue. Together they managed to reach the kitten and pull it out of the ditch.

The baby was soaking wet and freezing cold, had severe hypothermia and was barely able to move. Where the cat came from in the ditch is easy to guess because a lot of feral cats have been walking around the campus for a long time and the locals don’t care about them. The kitten was about 5 weeks old, turned out to be a female cat, and weighed only 190 grams.

The first thing we did was wrap her in a warm towel to keep her warm. Veterinarians are closed on Sundays, so we had to seek advice online.

We were advised to keep her with a bottle of warm water and a soft towel, but no one was sure the kitten would survive the night because of the exhaustion and ordeal it had to endure.

But the animal protection community refused to give up. They started giving small portions of special recovery food every 2-3 hours and the kitten survived the night. By the end of the second day, it had regained its appetite and was ready to devour any food offered to it, while also beginning to respond to caresses.

The kitten started gaining weight right before our eyes. Now, he weighs 240 grams, and it eats more regularly, he doesn’t eat greedily like when it was first saved.

It seems to realize that its food will be plentiful, and it won’t need to struggle to find food outside anymore. A few days later, the kitten started playing and purring!

Every Maggie girl visits and cares for the cat, the kitten curls up in her lap and purrs. Maggie named the kitten Jessie. Maggie said that due to hypothermia, the kitten lost her voice and couldn’t meow, but she was delighted to see that the kitten had a great will to live and that they helped the little creature survive.


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