I burst into tears when she crawled out, she hid with the bullet on her back

I was in floods of tears when she crawled out, with the bullet still lodged in her back. This dog had taken refuge in this abandoned house for a week before she spotted me. She scurried out quickly, and I wondered if I was her last hope when she was so desperately hungry. I noticed she couldn’t urinate on her own, so I helped her myself. According to the story, she had been hiding here for a week. At first, we thought she had just recently been in an accident, but it turned out that wasn’t what frightened her. It was the bullet lodged in the middle of her spine. The lower part of her body couldn’t feel a thing. Why would someone cripple a dog like that?

We went back home to consider surgery. The vet said her chances were extremely slim, but she couldn’t hide her joy at being here, where she got good food and new friends. I observed her closely that day, and afterwards, I was certain of one thing: she wasn’t a stray dog at all. Her behavior in the house was too familiar to her. Could her owner be responsible for this? Did they no longer want to take care of her? Two days later, we returned to the vet for treatment and also made an important decision for her.

The surgery was performed despite the slim hope. Even if it was just a 1% chance, we would give her that opportunity. The surgery was tough and lasted for 3.5 hours. The bullet had to be handled with extreme caution. High doses of painkillers and antibiotics were used. Days passed, and we didn’t see much change. She still couldn’t get up. Her hind legs showed no sensitivity. We transferred her to a rehabilitation center. Miracles happened there. There were many dogs like her, most of them with spinal cord injuries, unable to walk, with only a small part resulting from an accident. There was a lot of sweat and tears shed. I prayed a lot for miracles to come.

After each training session, she was given nutrition, but our efforts were in vain. The doctor advised us to buy a wheelchair for her. She would use the wheelchair just like her friend. This was just the beginning. We would never give up on her. I used the wheelchair without hesitation within a few days. We had been searching for miracles for over a year since she was an innocent and timid puppy. Although she couldn’t walk like other dogs, fortunately, she escaped from her owner, and that was a miracle for us. Meeting her meant we could love and care for her. No one would hurt her again. Her name is Dolly, a beautiful girl, and her beautiful life has just begun.”