Husky With A Heart Of Gold. Is Already Rescued Box Of Freezing Kitten From The Woods.

Meet Banner, The 3-Year-Old Husky With A Heart Of Gold.💖

Service dog Banner has a heart of gold. Not only is she ‘de.di.cated’ to helping owner Whitney Braley with her ‘disa.bility’, she also has a knack for rescuing other animals in need and caring for them.

She has been with Whitney since she was a puppy and she is trained to be alert during PTSD episodes and anxiety ‘at.tacks’.

She had been acting really weird all morning. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with her.

She wasn’t listening to me when I told her to come, which isn’t like her as she is always very well behaved.

Dogs Have Sharper And More Accurate Intuitions Than Humans.💖

“We do a lot of rescue, and she’s always attached to kittens. Two years ago I had my first bottle baby kitten that was found in a ditch, and Banner raised her.

That particular cat still lives with us but she’s fostered at least ten different liters of kittens over the years“.

She trusts her dog companion and follows her lead!

Banner lead Whitney from the house to a quiet spot where they found a sealed cardboard box.

The husky started making circles which made Braley curious to open the boxes.

When Banner started taking something by the mouth, she was holding something alive and breathing. It is a cat!

Someone must have just put them into a cardboard box, closed the lid tight and left them there to ‘d.i.e’.

The kittens were just a day old, and they were all freezing cold and silent. They were clearly close to ‘’.

They probably thought that no one would ever discover them. I don’t even know how Banner knew they were in there

Whitney decided to take them home, she fed them and kept them warm, while Banner was acting as their mommy the entire time.

The cats are healthy thanks to Banner and her helpful nature, and will be rehomed so they can have a family of their own.

The kittens are really lucky. If she didn’t find them, there is no way they would have made it.

For now, the kittens are happy spending all their time with their superhero of a foster mom!

Banners are just another obvious proof that racial differences don’t get in the way of showing your love. Just like dogs and cats can love each other!

God bless you amazing creatures. 💖🙏

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