Hungry pups queue up, begging in the snow, utterly heartbroken by their separation

While gathering firewood, a farmer stumbled upon them. He was taken aback as the puppies stared at him. Hastily, he rushed to call us for help. Why were there so many puppies here? When she saw us, the mother dog appeared. She barked loudly and wanted us to leave this place. It’s snowing heavily, and this area is dangerous with protruding iron bars and deep ditches. One puppy was brave and approached me. The puppy was curious and wanted to get close to me, not to scare the little ones. There were a total of 11 puppies there. After a while, the mother dog came running. She wasn’t aggressive or afraid of me. It seemed like she had just returned from searching for food. The puppies rushed to nurse on the warm milk, but that skinny dog didn’t have enough milk. Taking care of these puppies was too much for her, especially in this harsh winter. We divided them into two groups to care for them. I was responsible for these 4 puppies and their mother. They were all eager for food, but this puppy was different. She ran to greet me and then went to eat. They would have a tough journey ahead. They were taken to the vet for examinations. The mother dog had a physical breakdown, and the puppies were in danger. The mother dog was taken to the shelter for care, and 4 puppies tested positive for Parvo. It’s the most dangerous thing for puppies. The survival rate for puppies unable to overcome it is up to 91%. Additionally, they were also infected with worms. Their condition started to worsen at night. They had bloody diarrhea and vomited a lot. They had bloody diarrhea and vomited a lot. The doctors did their best all night to help them. I thought everything would be fine, but one by one, they bid farewell to me. Tears streamed down my eyes as I saw them leaving me, and only one puppy survived. Parvo, worms, and ticks took advantage. We couldn’t stop, we had to continue for this puppy. She was our hope, we named her Virginia. The white blood cell count dropped from 82 to 44.1. She needed a lot of time to recover. After each treatment, I played with her. She ate more and was always cheerful. Finally, we could breathe a sigh of relief. The vitality and desire of this puppy are so intense. Hemoglobin, blood sugar back to normal. Our sweet Virginia was also maturing. This was the first time she walked after spending a long time at the vet. Everything was interesting to this little girl. Even a sound made her curious to run and explore. Her eyes were filled with happiness. We also enrolled her in a training class. The trainers praised her a lot. She’s a smart girl with a good memory. She shook hands right after the first class. These exercises also improve her health. I want to make sure she’s doing well after all the loss. She will have a beautiful future ahead, it’s coming. The training ended, and the good news came. A family in Belgium wanted to adopt her. And that was also the day I had to say goodbye to her. They are kind and will take good care of her. In the first few days, she felt lost there. And they always bonded with her. It was love that brought them together. They still keep the name Virginia for her. This will be the home where she belongs. And her mother dog lives well at the shelter. The puppies from the other group also have a new life. Ultimately, love once again works miracles. Thank you for watching and supporting