He overheard a boxer being tied to an electric pole on a chilly street as he was on his way to work.

Pets, more specifically puppies, can be harder than one might imagine : they tend to bite things, drop things, need attention, need to be walked, bathed, and a to-do list. long other activities; but nothing compares to the love we receive from them, and with a little discipline and love, anything is possible.

But, sadly, there are people who decide to give up before finding a healthy balance with their pet. Such is the case with Max, a boxer puppy abandoned in the worst of circumstances :

Tied to an electric pole in the cold street.

Graham Dobson found Max tied up by the side of the road in Hull, UK. Luckily for Max, Graham is an animal lover and didn’t hesitate for a moment to help him.

“I was going to work in the morning when I ran into Max. He was tied to the side of the main road, he looked very sad and scared,” Graham Dobson said.

Other people who had already noticed Max’s presence told Graham that he had been tied up for more than an hour , so he gave him food, drink and after that he called rescuers from a nearby shelter to take care of him. of the.

“It broke my heart that Max was abandoned and to see how sad he was, you can tell he’s a really cute and friendly little dog,” Dobson said.

Of course, the opinions on social networks did not wait, and the fact is that Max’s photo is really very sad, so more than one shed a tear for the furry friend.

“What an evil act, it’s really imhuman to do something like that, I hope Max finds his forever home soon!” Said a moved netizen.

Hull City Council reported that, hours later, Max’s owner returned to the place where he had abandoned him, and declared that he really could not take care of him anymore, so he signed the custody transfer to the rescuers.

And that’s how Max was taken to a shelter dedicated exclusively to protecting boxer puppies, where he will join a foster home while they find a perfect permanent home for him.

“Max, the dog that was abandoned, was taken to a shelter, where he was cared for and examined by a vet,” Hull City Council said.

Having a puppy, or any other pet, requires a lot of responsibility and care. However, nothing justifies abandoning them for their fate. They understand everything happening around them and there is nothing more painful than being abandoned by the person they love the most.

Share this moving story with all your friends to raise awareness of the responsibility of having a pet. They love us unconditionally, give them the love they deserve!