He couldn’t fathom being rescued, the presence of maggots and sores drove him to tears for days

We have a video of this dog, it’s far from us. They said this dog was run over by an off-road vehicle. The driver didn’t intend to stop, but he did. When we got there, he tried to crawl on the grass. His life was very fragile, his back had worms. They even fell from the sores, proving that he had been injured for many days. That scene still haunts me, I can’t forget it. He tried to lift his head to look at us. We couldn’t waste time, so we rushed him to the vet. What surprised us was that he was calm. He seemed to know that he was finally saved. There were thousands of worms on his neck. They were the cause. His neck was almost necrotic with many holes. Those holes were where the worms lived. There were even many inside his ears. We needed a lot of time for treatment. Fortunately, his bones were not broken anywhere. However, the wounds will take a long time to heal. We thought he wouldn’t survive, but he did. However, he still didn’t fully trust me. The doctors were amazed at his recovery. He also gradually placed more trust in us. He always wants to take me along to explore. Does this dog have an owner? And why didn’t the other driver stop to help him? I will never have an answer. The only thing I can do is give him a new future. We would take him back to the shelter and start from there. Time passes, winter has come to our shelter. But we are not alone, many people come here. They come with me to prepare the dogs for a warm winter. Even the blind dogs here feel the love they receive. Each dog has a sad story and a past, but we all share the same happiness here. Children from the area also often come here. It helps them build compassion and empathy. They also spend time playing with the dogs here. I’m so happy that this has a positive meaning. The dogs will know that there are good people out there, especially after everything they’ve been through. Their hearts will beat for love once again. And do you recognize him? The dog with many worms. He let his hair grow and he looks completely different. He has a new name, Krepy, and many new friends. Here he is very happy to have these friends by his side. I hope they all find new homes in the near future. Thank you so much for being with us.