Family Adopts Oldest Cat At Shelter For 101-Year-Old Grandmother Looking For Older Companion

Young pets not only require time and a lot of dedication, but they are also very demanding of their owners and want to be the center of attention. On the other hand, older animals are calmer, easier to care for, and have generally already been trained.

Because of this, people who want to adopt are often recommended to take home an older pet, as it is easier to care for them. Unfortunately, people continue to choose young animals, which causes older ones to spend a lot of time in shelters waiting for a family.

However, a few days ago a rather special event occurred involving the oldest cat in an animal shelter located in North Carolina, United States.

The 19-year-old cat named Gus unfortunately arrived at the shelter after his owner had to leave him because he could no longer care for him.

According to the Humane Society of Catawba County, Gus proved to be very special, friendly, and from the moment he arrived he stole everyone’s attention.

But, despite his cute personality and stealing the hearts of all the shelter workers, no one imagined that he would find a home so soon. The lucky cat managed to be adopted by a family after only a month in the shelter.

The 101-year-old grandmother named Penny was looking for a new pet as her previous cat had passed away, but she wanted an older companion. So when they met adorable Gus at the shelter, they knew he was the one to fill this beautiful place in the family.

Apparently, being an older cat didn’t make his search for a new home difficult, and on the contrary it was exactly what helped him find one. Grandma’s adoption application was not long in coming, and the shelter only wished them good luck.

The shelter commented on Facebook:

“Our [hearts] are full with this beautiful adoption. Our 19-year-old PAW great-grandfather (133 in human years), has found the loving arms of his new mom, who is 101 years old.”

When he got home, Gus and Penny instantly clicked, and immediately formed a beautiful relationship, as if they knew they needed each other. Gus quickly adapted to all the corners of his home and began to walk around the house, like a true king.

Now, the adorable cat is very happy enjoying his new home, and he usually spends his time watching the squirrels through the window.

Penny wanted a new life partner, and luckily she decided to adopt Gus as she knew he was the right choice.