Faithful dog weeping beside the fence, awaiting the owner to unlock the gate for days.

A schoolgirl called us when she saw this dog on the street. She noticed that the dog’s face had scars and it was limping. But he ran away just as we were about to take him to the vet. The three of us worked hard to get him into the car. The neighbors recognized him, his owner was right there. Turns out, he was lying near the fence with his house. His owner didn’t let him inside. He thought this dog would give up and leave. But he remained loyal, waiting for his owner. Maybe he was hoping the owner would change his mind. But he didn’t. His condition was very poor, he had a low fever. The worrying part was that his nose was broken. The wound was old and healed. He had many bones in his stomach. They were blocking and causing pain. I can’t believe a dog had to go through all of this. I didn’t understand why the owner treated him like that. There were also many ticks crawling on him. We all started crying for his fate. He seemed to be growing weaker, slowly. If we hadn’t seen him, he probably had only a month left. His ears couldn’t hear, and he breathed through his mouth. We’re trying everything we can to help him. “No more nose surgery,” said the doctor, and an ear infection took away his hearing. We didn’t know what to do to help him. Many difficult things happened. We sent him home after the tick treatment. The doctors allowed us to go home for a few days. After a few days, he started trusting me more as well. Maybe he didn’t want to leave the owner at first. So, he ran away from us. After four days, he gained up to 1.5 kg. He ate very well, always eager to eat. After all the rejections, he felt the love. The previous owner was not worthy of his love. We went back to the vet for additional treatment. We also needed to check everything about him. The ear infections were almost completely cured. And there were no bone fragments left in his stomach. He was still with us at that time. It was a miracle. The doctor also told us the cause of his broken nose. It was caused by a piece of wood, not an accident. My ears were ringing when I heard these things. We would make up for it and give him a new life. We were going back home, excited about what comes next. I kept him by my side to take good care of him. Did you notice the small lump on his leg? The doctor said it didn’t affect him in any way. My difficulty at that moment was how to communicate with him. Because he can’t hear my words to him. And then I realized that love doesn’t need to be spoken. It’s just closing your eyes and feeling all these emotions. He was a calm dog and always gentle with everyone. By then, he had changed a lot. Changed from his appearance to his inner self. He gained weight, and his hair was silky. What happened in the past, he probably won’t forget. Because it’s hard for a loyal dog like him to forget. But we left it all behind to move forward. And our wonderful boy, Hector, was his name