Dog With The Giant Tumor Was Saved And We Call It Gilbert Grape


A few days ago, a dog was brought into the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue in New Mexico after being left at a ‘kil.l’ shelter.

We had seen bad cases before, but staff members could not believe their eyes when they saw the downtrodden dog, encumbered with such a massive tumor.

When the Weimaraner was rescued, he was barely able to walk because of the size and weight of the tumour.

Gilbert's benign tumour weight 12lb

We named him Gilbert Grape. How he managed to survive as long as he did, and how someone could have neglected treating him medically for so long, remains a mystery.

He was given pain medicine and antibiotics, and put on an IV catheter

Blood and urine were tested, and an ultrasound performed. He also needed a blood transfusion. He was made comfortable, and vets were consulted about the tumor.

It Was A Difficult Decision 💖

Tickled Pink didn’t want to wait, and prolong Gilbert’s suffering. Their choices were to go ahead with ‘su.rge.ry’, or humanely euthanize him.

After charity work by the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue centre raised £4,300, Gilbert underwent life-saving surgery.

Now a year after the 12lb benign tumour was removed, Gilbert is all smiles with his adopted owner Scott Roberts.

“To compensate for the growths mass, he lost a lot of muscle and it took a while for him to get his strength back.”

The shelter’s policy for strays is to hold the animal without vetting for 72 hours to give an
owner a chance to reclaim, but the county has a program where they will allow pre-
approved, federally recognized rescues to take animals in under a medical clearance.”

Gilbert has had a miracle transformation after surgery to remove tumor.💖

The life-changing surgery included blood transfusions and an IV catheter to keep him alive.

To help build up the lost muscle mass, Gilbert underwent months of physical therapy before he was adopted.

Finally, Scott took in the plucky grey dog and has given him a home so he can get on with his life.

Note: Gilbert’s rescue took place in 2013. Since that time, Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue continues their fantastic work rescuing dogs with special needs, who are terminally ill, or like Gilbert – in need of a helping hand.

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