Dog Who Was Almost Euthanized Gets Adopted By Seattle Mariners Baseball Team

All the animals at the shelters dreamed of getting adopted sooner or later. But a 4-year-old mixed Labrador named Tucker couldn’t have imagined that soon he would be adopted by Major League Baseball team. If not for the baseball team the dog would soon be euthanized.

The dog was adopted by the entire Mariners clubhouse from OkanDogs, a non-profit animal rescue in Okanogan County, Washington. Mariners manager Scott Servais, along with his wife Jill, has been volunteering with the rescue. The couple has been involved with animal rescues for over 30 years.

Servais told that Tucker was his favorite player with whom he could play a fetching game. The dog enjoyed his great time spent with the team and was pleased by the great love she got from the team.

“He just got activated today and will be a great addition to our team,” Servais said about Tucker.

The team’s new recruit has quickly warmed the hearts of both fans and Mariners players. Photos posted to social media show the lucky dog getting some belly and head scratches from Mariners pitcher Erik Swanson, who we’re sure makes a great partner for a game of fetch.

It’s an amazing turnaround for a dog that was nearly put to sleep. Tom Short, president of OkanDogs, wrote in a Facebook post that Tucker swallowed a rock that was too big to pass, and his owners brought him to the vet to have him euthanized.

OkanDogs stepped up, covering the $2,500 cost of surgery, and the rock was successfully removed, allowing Tucker to go on to the big leagues.

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