Dog Was Born With Just One Leg, She’s Grown Up To Inspire Kids Just Like Her

The dog was born with not 1 or 2, but 3 legs missing! Despite the difficulties life threw at her, she kept fighting with her never-say-die spirit!

“Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch” was established by Jamie Wallace-Griner and is devoted to providing therapy to special needs kids through animals. Out of the 100 rescues under Jamie’s care, Halo, the good Pyrenees may be a very special dog.

Halo was born without developed front legs and had a deformed back leg. Her breeder hated her identity and immediately threw her phone into a box. Thankfully, Jamie found her just in time and commenced caring for the one-legged girl. The world sees the halo as a movement, but Jamie decides to protect the little survivor. After rigorous treatment and high-end plastic surgery, Halo is gradually getting ready to move around. But Jamie knew the free-spirited pooch needed something extra that might help her claim her independence.

When Halo was old enough, Jamie installed a special prosthesis for Halo. At first, she just wanted the dog to feel comfortable with unconventional limbs. But within minutes of getting her new “legs,” the brave girl stood up and ran – all on her own! What a miracle!

Today, Halo has become an important inspirational icon for those disabled children who come to rescue and receive treatment. Her spirited journey of defeating all odds through perseverance and courage imbues the youngsters with hope that each incapacitated person can survive and thrive! Halo is undoubtedly their hero! Click the video below to see one-legged Halo’s uplifting journey as she takes her first independent steps on prosthetics.

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